Texas accounted for a quarter of the fatal shootings last year that were documented in the study, with 33 people killed in road rage shootings in the state, up from 18 in 2019.

Keep in mind, it is constitutional ‘carry’ not constitutional ownership.

In September 2021, Texas enacted its ‘Constitutional Carry’ law. Below is a example of what has occured since then.

It is all well and good until it is your 9-year-old son, daughter, neice, nephew, grandson or granddaughter. Maybe not everyone should carry a gun in public.

Angry Drivers, Lots of Guns: An Explosion in Road Rage Shootings
April 12, 2022 – By J. David Goodman

Need more convencing . . . .

Mother, 2 children injured in Marshall shooting
Apr 11, 2022 – MARSHALL, Texas (KETK) — A mother and her two children were injured in a shooting that occurred Sunday evening in Marshall.

3-year-old dies after shooting, Dallas police say
March 28, 2022 – Monday night, police said the child’s mother reported that the shooting was related to a road rage incident involving another sedan near a park at Whitehurst and Arbor Park.

Feb. 18, 2022 – A 4-year-old child was shot in the leg in the courtyard in front of his apartment around 4:30 p.m., according to Houston police. The shooting happened in the 600 block of Nottingham Oaks Trail.

Feb. 15, 20229-year-old girl in critical condition after being caught in crossfire during robbery at SE Houston ATM: HPD: A 9-year-old girl is in critical condition after police said she was shot by a man that had been robbed at a drive-thru ATM in southeast Houston.

Feb. 8, 20229-year-old girl shot in head while riding with family on Southwest Freeway, HPD saysAuthorities are investigating after a 9-year-old girl was shot in the head while riding with her family to the grocery store Tuesday night. Family members identified the girl as Ashanti Grant, 9.

Feb. 4, 2022‘My baby didn’t deserve this’: Mother speaks out after 11-year-old was shot to death at NE Harris Co. ApartmentThe family of an 11-year-old who was shot and killed at a northeast Harris County apartment Thursday night identified the victim as Darius Dugas, a student who attended Cobb Sixth Grade Campus. The child, affectionately called “DJ,” was shot in the parking lot of Vireo Apartments located at 12212 Tidwell Rd.

Jan. 30, 2022HPD: 7-year-old boy shot inside SW Houston apartmentA 7-year-old boy is in stable condition after being shot in the leg inside a southwest Houston apartment, Houston police said. Officers were called to assist firefighters in the 10500 block of Fondren Road near Willowbend Boulevard at around 12:10 a.m

Jan. 17, 20223 injured, including brothers ages 1 and 6, in shooting in SE Houston, HPD says: Two children and a man were injured during a shooting in southeast Houston in the 5900 block of Selinsky Road around 7 p.m. Police said they were flagged down by a vehicle with several people inside. Police said they found three people shot, one man and two siblings – a 1-year-old boy and a 6-year-old boy. The 1-year-old was shot in the arm and the 6-year-old was shot in the stomach. The man was shot in the hand at a separate location that police described as being “chaotic.”.

Dec. 5, 202111-year-old girl shot multiple times after ‘random bullets’ fly through home, HPD saysAn 11-year-old girl is expected to survive after police say bullets pierced through her family’s home, striking her several times. It happened in the 900 block of Blanchard Hill Lane near Almeda Genoa Road in southwest Houston.

Nov. 21, 20211-year-old expected to survive after drive-by shooting in southwest Houston, police sayAn investigation is underway after a 1-year-old boy was shot during a drive-by in southwest Houston, police said. Officers said it happened in the 5400 block of Renwick at 10:20 a.m. when a woman was walking home from the store with her 1-year-old son.

Nov. 20, 20214-year-old girl, woman shot after southeast Houston drive-by, HPD saysA 4-year-old girl and a 48-year-old woman were shot in southeast Houston, Houston police said. Initial details from Houston police confirmed the shooting took place in the 6900 block of Moss Rose Street. Authorities were called to the scene around 8:18 p.m.

Oct. 31, 2021Father, young child injured in road rage shooting in north Houston, police sayA man and his 1-year-old child were injured in a road rage shooting in north Houston, Houston police said. The man was driving south on I-45 near Loop 610 around 7:30 p.m. when he got into “some type of road rage altercation” with another driver, police said. At some point during the incident, the driver pulled up next to the victim and fired multiple rounds into his vehicle.

Oct. 28, 202110-year-old boy killed in accidental shooting inside vehicle in north Houston, police sayA 10-year-old boy is dead after an accidental shooting in north Houston, police say. The shooting occurred at the 8300 block of Willow Place Drive at around 12:30 p.m. Police said the 10-year-old boy’s mother sent him and his 11-year-old cousin to get something from her vehicle when the boys found a gun inside of the car.

Oct. 11, 20217-year-old shot in head at apartment complex in southeast Houston, HPD says: Houston police are investigating after a 7-year-old boy was found shot in the head at an apartment complex in southeast Houston. Houston police responded to reports of a shooting at an apartment complex located at 11810 Algonquin Drive. Police said they found the 7-year-old boy with a gunshot wound to the head. He was transported to the hospital in stable condition.

Oct. 6, 20213-year-old boy accidentally shot after gun goes off in his mother’s purse, police say: Houston police are investigating after they said a 3-year-old boy was accidentally shot when the gun in his mother’s purse went off in southeast Houston. Police said it happened in the 3800 block of Amos around 9 p.m.

Florida Teens Arrested In Shooting Death of Buddy Wearing Body Armor

What were they thinking?

Belleview teens were shooting each other while wearing armored vest when boy killed

Apr 8, 2022 : WESH 2 – Kelsi Thorud

Two teenagers have been arrested after a 16-year-old was shot and killed in Belleview Sunday.

According to police, the shooting happened inside a mobile home in the Gateway Homes of Belleview mobile home park along SE 52ND Court around 7 p.m. They found the victim, 16-year-old Christopher Leroy Broad Jr. suffering from a gunshot wound. He was taken to the hospital where he died.

Over the past few days, investigators have determined that another teen, 17, and Broad, were taking turns shooting at each other while wearing a body armor style vest.

“I saw a teenage boy come outside all hysterical screaming,” said Joe Vanhouten.

Vanhouten is an Army veteran who lives next door. He saw the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

“I was always taught from a young age you never play with guns,” he said.

According to arrest affidavits, three teenage friends, including Broad, lived at the home with one of their fathers. On the day of the shooting, they had a couple more friends over to hang out.

The lead detective discovered that one of the teens recorded Snapchat videos of the shooting. He said one of the videos first shows Broad shooting at one of the others who was wearing a “tan plate carrier style vest.” Another video shows how they took turns and Broad was shot at next five times by a 9 mm handgun.

“It seems weird to me that they would have a body armor vest. Why would you have one?” said Vanhouten.

According to the arrest affidavit, one of the teens told police they have shot at the vest before and no bullets went through it. The report also states the alleged shooter said one of his shots struck Broad in an area not covered by the vest. The medical examiner said he died of a single gunshot wound to the chest.

“A sad deal that teenage boys being I guess being teenagers, not realizing the possible consequences of what they were doing,” said Vanhouten.

Police now have the gun after serving a search warrant on the home. According to the arrest affidavit, the alleged shooter told police the gun belongs to his father who leaves it at home for protection.

“It’s just a sad story all the way around,” said Vanhouten.

Police say the 17-year-old who allegedly shot and killed Broad is now charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child with a firearm.

Another teen, also 17, is charged with providing false information to law enforcement.

Police say that teen was interviewed as a witness to the shooting and misled officers about what took place by blaming the shooting on other people like the other friends at the home and telling the 911 dispatcher that the house was shot by unknown suspects.

WESH 2 is not identifying the teens until they have been formally charged as adults.

WESH 2 tried calling the alleged shooter’s family, but they are not accepting calls. They also did not comment when we visited the neighborhood.

Authorities want everyone to know that guns should never be used this way.

“I’m sure these kids never envisioned that a death was going to occur as a result of their behavior,” Dr. David Thomas, a forensics professor at Florida Gulf Coast University, said.

Thomas said many people don’t understand armored vests.

“The biggest misnomer is that they’re bullet proof because they’re not. They’re ballistic vests and they’re rated on scales of what type of bullet they’ll stop,” Thomas said.

Thomas says even a police officer wearing the best vest wouldn’t want to get shot in it.

“That trauma is ungodly, what the body goes through,” Thomas said.

According to the police report in this case, the alleged shooter said one of his shots hit Christopher in an area not covered by the vest.

Thomas told WESH 2 News, sadly, he thinks a lot of teens don’t understand just how dangerous guns are.

“If you don’t know anything about the gun, if you don’t know anything about the equipment, just leave it alone. Stay safe and leave it alone because it’s not something to play with,” Thomas said.

Florida Sheriffs endorse Wilton Simpson for State Commissioner of Agriculture

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd credited Simpson’s leadership with bringing Florida’s crime rate to a 50-year low.

Fifty-nine of the state’s sheriffs — all but eight of them — are endorsing Senate President Wilton Simpson’s campaign for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the campaign announced Monday.

The Florida Police Benevolent Association has also endorsed Simpson’s campaign, according to a news release from the Simpson campaign.

Simpson is running to succeed Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, who is leaving the position aiming to become Florida’s next Governor.

The campaign attributed the sheriffs’ united front for Simpson’s campaign to his support for law enforcement.

“As others have tried to defund the police, I fought to ensure Floridians in uniform have the support and resources they need to do their jobs,” Simpson said, according to a news release.

The news release highlighted endorsements of sheriffs from Pasco and Polk counties.

“The women and men in law enforcement start each shift with a mission: to work side by side with members of their community to keep it safe and to make it home to their families,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said. “Wilton Simpson has firmly stood with law enforcement in this mission and understands that protecting our communities and our future will allow Florida to continue to prosper.”

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd credited Simpson’s leadership with bringing Florida’s crime rate to a 50-year low.

“Wilton is a PROVEN LEADER who cares about your safety and wellbeing,” Judd’s written comments read. “He has always supported law enforcement and that is exactly why I support Wilton.”

Simpson, a Trilby Republican, is the heavy favorite to win his party’s nomination for the post and face Democratic candidate Ryan Morales, a Clermont cannabis activist. Simpson has millions on hand for his campaign, compared to Morales and Republican candidates Richard Ollie Jr. and James Shaw, who have done negligible fundraising.

The majority of sheriffs not endorsing Simpson come largely from counties that are larger and traditionally more Democratic counties. Sheriffs from Alachua, Broward, Leon, Miami-Dade, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach and St. Lucie were not on the list of endorsers.

‘Constitutional Carry’ in Florida – Maybe it’s not such a good idea

Bear in mind, all those shown below were law abiding citizens, some very prominent citizens, until they performed the act they did.

February 14, 2022 – Orange County, Florida: Deputies arrest Emanuel Dandre Bullard after four reports of road rage incidents involving shots fired since Dec. 27th.

Eric Popper, of Deerfield Beach, Florida, fired nearly a dozen shots in what was reported as a road dispute. The shooter told the Florida Highway Patrol that he fired because he thought the other driver had a gun.

There appears to be no shortage of such incidents . . .

Stupidity is not limited to men. Women get into the act also . . . .

Woman pulls gun and waves it around in traffic following minor fender bender

GROCERY STORES – The New Soft Target

Man shot dead inside Florida Publix – February 12, 2022

February 12, 2022 – Coral Gables, Florida:

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Florida Road Rage Incident Results In Nearly A Dozen Shots Fired By Single Driver

Eric Popper, of Deerfield Beach, Florida, fired nearly a dozen shots in what was reported as a road dispute. The shooter told the Florida Highway Patrol that he fired because he thought the other driver had a gun.

There appears to be no shortage of such incidents . . .

Stupidity is not limited to men. Women get into the act also . . . .

Woman pulls gun and waves it around in traffic following minor fender bender

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Florida Appeals Court Upholds Conviction in Parking Lot Shooting

Convicted man loses ‘stand your ground’ defense on appeal in Florida.

A man convicted in a Clearwater convenience store parking lot shooting death, who had been battered by a convicted drug dealer, with methamphetamine in his system, loses ‘stand your ground’ defense before the Florida Second District Court of Appeal.

December 30, 2021 – By Jim Saunders

Judge Edward LaRose rejected a series of arguments raised by Michael Drejka, who was convicted of manslaughter in the July 2018 shooting of Markeis McGlockton during an altercation about a parking spot outside a Pinellas County convenience store.

In a case that drew national attention, an appeals court upheld a conviction and 20-year prison sentence in the fatal shooting of a man during an altercation about a parking spot outside a Pinellas County convenience store. A three-judge panel of the Second District Court rejected a series of arguments raised by Michael Drejka, who was convicted of manslaughter in the July 2018 shooting of Markeis McGlockton.

The case drew heavy attention, in part, because the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office initially declined to arrest Drejka, citing the state’s controversial “stand your ground” self-defense law. Prosecutors later charged Drejka, who was convicted by a jury after a five-day trial.

The shooting happened after McGlockton and his 5-year-old son went into the convenience store, leaving a car that was improperly parked in a spot designated for people with disabilities. Drejka confronted McGlockton’s girlfriend, Brittany Jacobs, and shouted at her about being parked in the spot.

A witness, concerned about Jacobs’ safety, went into the store and told a clerk, according to Wednesday’s ruling. McGlockton heard the witness, went outside and pushed Drejka to the ground.

Drejka pulled out a gun and shot McGlockton, who was unarmed, with the bullet piercing McGlockton’s heart and killing him, the ruling said.

Drejka argued that he acted in self-defense. Among the issues in the appeal was his contention that Circuit Judge Joseph Bulone should have issued what is known as a judgment of acquittal based on the self-defense argument.

But the appeals court, in a 31-page opinion, rejected the contention, pointing to surveillance video of the shooting and witness testimony that McGlockton retreated after pushing down Drejka.

“The surveillance video, coupled with the eyewitness testimony that Mr. McGlockton was retreating, were sufficient to defeat Mr. Drejka’s JOA [judgment of acquittal] motion,” said the opinion, written by Judge Edward LaRose and joined by Judges Stevan Northcutt and Suzanne Labrit. “The jury, not the trial judge, had to resolve whether Mr. Drejka acted in self-defense.”

Among Drejka’s other arguments in the appeal was that a juror should have been removed for speaking with an official of the NAACP during the trial. McGlockton was African American, and Drejka is white.

But the appeals court said the circuit judge properly handled the juror issue.

“Our record is devoid of any juror misconduct,” Wednesday’s ruling said. “As the trial court’s interview with the juror revealed, the juror did not know that the individual (from the NAACP) that approached him was observing the trial in an overflow courtroom. Importantly, the two did not discuss the case at all. Certainly, then, the juror did not violate any court order.”

Drejka, now 51, is an inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution Annex.