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Looking for concealed carry training?  You have come to the right place.nra-club-logo-200


In addition to concealed carry training, In-Gauge of Polk County offers a complete line of firearms training classes . . .  pistol, rifle, shotgun, self-defense and home defense.  All of our training classes are official NRA firearm classes.  Not classes merely “taught by an NRA instructor“.  There is a difference.

If you are looking for a quick, just the minimum training required to apply for a Florida concealed carry weapons license, our training is NOT for you.  Our training is real concealed carry qualification training.  There are others who conduct certificate mills that will give you the paperwork you need for concealed carry license application.  Our training is true firearms training, unlike what you find elsewhere.   There is a difference.   Our concealed carry firearm training is more than the 90 minute – one shot into a steel can, gun show or gun shop concealed carry weapons class.  Our official NRA firearms training trains you in the safe use of your firearm for the defense of you life and that of your loved ones.

We have a 100% money-back, student satisfaction guaranty.

If you decide to take your training elsewhere.  That is okay.   We understand that everyone makes mistakes.   Come back and see us when you discover your expectations were not met.  We will not be upset.   We want you to have the best NRA firearms training available and it is our utmost intent to accomplish that goal.
About us:  In-Gauge of Polk County is a NRA affiliated, non-profit, shooting sports club dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the shooting sports through firearms training and safety education.

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In-Gauge of Polk County’s  firearms training is no-pressure, civilian oriented.

Classes are taught by NRA certified firearm instructors, in a friendly, no-pressure atmosphere.  There are no military or law enforcement style tactics used.

What makes us different from the other guys:

  • We are official NRA.  We teach official, nationally recognized, National Rifle Association firearm classes, not classes taught by a someone just claiming to be a “NRA instructor“.
  • We are brick and mortar.   We have a physical location.  We do not conduct our classes at gun shows, in rented hotel rooms, crowded employee break rooms or in the heat under shade trees.  You will always know where to find us.
  • We are registered with the State of Florida as a not-for-profit organization and are a chartered member of the National Rifle Association.
  • We do not clutter the roadways with illegal signs.  If someone is illegally advertising, what else are they doing illegally?
  • Our instruction is 100% firearm safety and education training.  Not just lecture time to give a student the minimum training to apply for a Florida concealed carry license.

In the classroom and at the range, instruction is conducted in a light, friendly, environment without intimidation or coercion.  Our firearm training is in strict accordance with NRA firearm training standards.

In-Gauge of Polk County provides quality firearms training in the use and safety of the pistol/handgun, rifle and shotgun. Other courses offered include:  the new NRA DEFENSIVE PISTOL the NRA’s PERSONAL PROTECTION IN THE HOME and PERSONAL PROTECTION OUTSIDE THE HOME. (See further information below or on our web site at: NRA DEFENSIVE PISTOL under Course Descriptions.

All In-Gauge of Polk County firearms instruction meets and exceeds the State of Florida’s training requirement for the State’s concealed carry weapons application process.

Concealed Carry Training

In-Gauge of Polk County conducts incomparable, top quality, advanced, official NRA concealed carry firearms training.

All concealed carry firearms training is not the same.  Although others conducting concealed carry classes claim to be “certified NRA instructors” In-Gauge of Polk County is the only central Florida, non-profit organization conducting official National Rifle Association advanced concealed carry firearms training courses.

In-Gauge of Polk County encourages perspective students to research  other “concealed carry” training providers and inquire if they conduct official NRA firearms training or do they only conduct concealed carry classes taught by a “certified NRA instructor”.   There is a difference.

Unlike some law enforcement agencies that conduct concealed weapons training classes, In-Gauge of Polk County does not require fingerprinting for class participation nor do we maintain a computer data base on our students.

You can take the minimum training required by Florida law to apply for a Florida issued concealed carry weapons license elsewhere or you can take an official NRA firearm training course that is nationally recognized through In-Gauge of Polk County.

Beyond dispute,  there is no better firearms training than official National Rifle Association firearms training.  When you decide you want to carry a deadly weapon in public, capable of taking someone’s life either intentionally or unintentionally, you also decide what kind of training you want to have.  Your decision should be official National Rifle Association firearms training.

Through In-Gauge of Polk County all official NRA firearm training classes include official NRA student packets, text books and nationally recognized certificates of training.

Last but not least, we offer youth training, senior citizen training, social and community group training.  Contact us to schedule private training for your group at your place or ours.  Yes, we can conduct on-location training in your community center or rec-hall. 


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