Words of Wisdom from Sheriff Grady Judd On Owning and Carrying A Gun

You can either learn what’s in Florida’s new concealed carry law and carry your gun legally or you can get arrested, charged with a felony and find out the hard way from a judge.

Florida’s new ‘PERMITLESS CARRY’ law is not as simple as many people believe. Not knowing the new law can result in a felony arrest and a criminal record.

You can either learn what’s in Florida’s new concealed carry law and carry your gun legally or you can get arrested, charged with a felony and find out the hard way from a judge.

There are benefits to having a Florida concealed carry weapon and firearm license. Learn and know what they are.

Not knowing them can result in arrest, criminal charges, an appearance before a judge, extensive legal fees, a criminal record and the loss of your 2nd Amendment rights.

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This a training presentation NOT a sales seminar.

This is a free presentation put on by In-Gauge of Polk County, an NRA chartered, non-profit organization, for the purpose of introducing the various methods of carrying a concealed firearm, available to women. This is an information and learning seminar, not a sales seminar. Although various products will be displayed and demonstrated, there will be no products offered for sale.

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This is a FREE, women only, METHODS of CARRYING CONCEALED presentation, conducted by In-Gauge of Polk CountyThis presentation will introduce the participant to the various methods of carrying a concealed firearm, while comparing and contrasting the advantages and disadvantage of the different methods available to women.

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This is not a sales seminar. Although various products will be demonstrated, this is not a sales seminar. Unlike classes and seminars conducted at hotels, there will be no insurance sales.

No license (permit) is required for participation in this presentation. This seminar is free and open to the public. However, preregistration is required, as seating is limited.

Please leave all firearms in your vehicle. No loaded firearms or live ammunition will be allowed in the training area.

Beyond The Concealed Carry Class – Handgun Training

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Beginning July 1st, in Florida, no training, background check or licensing will be required to carry a firearm in public.

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Florida’s ‘Permitless Carry’ Law Went Into Effect July 1st – Have A Medical Marijuana Card? How It Will Affect You.

Basically, the change in Florida’s concealed carry law will not affect your status of possessing a Florida medical marijuana card and possessing a firearm.

First, it is licenseless carry, not permitless or Constitutional carry.

In other states, it may be a permit. But in Florida, it is a license.

How will Florida’s new licenseless carry law affect you if you possess a medical marijuana card?

Basically, the change in Florida’s concealed carry law will not affect your status of possessing a Florida medical marijuana card and possessing a firearm. You will still be prohibited from doing so. See the news article below.

By Howard Levy – June 25, 2023 – Deerfield News

Part one-
Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-What is the law regarding pot smokers with or without a medical card buying, carrying, and or possessing a gun?
On Monday, April 3, 2023, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 543 into law. This bill, strengthening the second amendment, eliminates the requirement that an individual obtain a permit to carry a concealed firearm in Florida. This law goes into effect July 1,2023.

Before we get into the medical marijuana laws that conflict with gun laws in Florida, we first have to clear the air or some misunderstandings that have come up around this issue.
First, we have to address the fact that Florida has not passed any laws barring medical marijuana patients from owning guns.

The conflict between medical marijuana laws and gun laws is that cannabis remains to be federally banned. Anyone with any addiction to any illegally obtained drug including marijuana, is exempt from gun ownership and possession.

Under Federal Law, no one who uses cannabis should own or possess a weapon. This law certainly pertains to marijuana users who do not have a medical card or those that smoke it and buy it on the black market. The unchanging federal prohibition on controlled substances, including marijuana, prohibits the possession or purchase of firearms by anyone who uses those controlled substances, including marijuana.

Plainly stated, this means that if you are going to be a medical marijuana patient and get a legal medical marijuana card, you will not be able to purchase or possess firearms. Technically the same applies to nonmedical marijuana card holders that use marijuana.

Conflict Between Federal And State Law

  • There are three federal laws that are in conflict with local state laws that allow for the legal possession and purchase of medical marijuana, they are:
  • The controlled substances act: cannabis and THC are classified as Schedule 1 drugs which means prohibits anyone from producing, possessing, or selling them.
  • Title 18, Section 922 of the United States Code: this law states that it is illegal for anyone who uses a controlled substance to buy or possess a firearm.
  • The same law also prohibits the sale or transfer of a gun to anyone who uses a controlled substance.
  • Form 4473: The ATF has implemented this form as part of the legal process of purchasing a gun from a gun store.

There are specific questions on the 4473 Form that, if answered honestly, would prohibit a medical marijuana patient from purchasing a gun. The form even has this warning:
“Warning: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.”

So if the gun seller knows that you are a medical marijuana patient, they would be in their right to deny selling you a gun.

Reports are that some police departments in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Hawaii have taken it upon themselves to enforce federal law over state law by informing medical marijuana patients they must either turn in or dispose of their guns.

The Situation In Florida

Although other states have taken the hard stance of denying medical marijuana patients the right to own a gun, Florida seems to be one of the states where that is not the case for these reasons:

  • The gun-show loophole: Although buying from a private dealer does not make it legal under federal law for a marijuana user to own a gun, the transaction can be made without filling out the federal 4473 form.
  • The FORMER Florida Agricultural Commissioner, Nikki Fried, has a medical marijuana card and also has a concealed carry permit. Her office has made it clear that they will not deny gun rights to medical marijuana patients. Here is her official statement:


Office of Nikki Fried Florida Agricultural Commisioner. Tweet

While Florida has changed its stance on Marijuana, the federal government has not.
So it is technically illegal to possess and purchase a gun while having a medical marijuana card, the state of Florida is not actively denying you that right as of now. This question will be settled in Federal Court or by an Act of Congress. There are currently 3 cases pending on this issue on point. The Supreme Court will have the final say if Congress does not change the law.

More U.S. Pastors Rely on Armed Congregates as Church Security – Study Confirms

“Most churches are small, so security plans often don’t need to be elaborate or expensive,”

06-08-2023 – Talia Wise – CBN News

A new Lifeway Research study confirms that most pastors are making their congregant’s safety one of their top priorities.

According to “Planning and Armed Congregants Top Church Security Measures”, 81 percent of U.S. Protestant pastors say their church has some type of security measure in place.

Although churches are meant to be safe places, recent mass shootings make it hard for churches to ignore that they must be prepared for the unthinkable.

“Churches are not immune to violence, disputes, domestic disagreements, vandalism, and burglary,” said Scott McConnell, executive director of Lifeway Research. “While loving one another is a core Christian teaching, churchgoers still sin, and non-churchgoers are invited and welcomed. So real security risks exist whether a congregation wants to acknowledge them or not.”

Fifty-seven percent of pastors are most likely to say their congregation has an intentional plan for an active shooter situation. While 54 percent say armed church members are part of the measures they have in place.

More than a quarter use radio communication among security personnel, while 1 in 5 say they have a no firearms policy in the building where they meet or have armed private security personnel on-site.

Fewer have uniformed police officers on church grounds (5%) or metal detectors at entrances to screen for weapons (1%).

As CBN News reported, American churches have seen a steady rise in acts of hostility in recent years.

The FRC’s “Hostility Against Churches” report documents 420 acts between January 2018 and September 2022. They include vandalism, arson, bomb threats, gun-related incidents, and more.

“Criminal acts of vandalism and destruction of church property are symptomatic of a collapse in societal reverence and respect for houses of worship and religion – in this case, churches and Christianity,” the report states.

“Americans appear increasingly comfortable lashing out against church buildings, pointing to a larger societal problem of marginalizing core Christian beliefs, including those that touch on hot-button political issues related to human dignity and sexuality,” the FRC explains.

Andy Willis, who heads up security at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, told CBN News he has the monumental task of keeping their almost 30,000-member congregation safe.

“Today, churches that speak the truth, that teach and preach true biblical principles, they draw a lot of attention because there are a lot of components of society today that don’t want to hear that,” Willis said.

“As a church security team, we have to be prepared for those kinds of situations, to intervene and to protect the flock,” he added.

The Lifeway Research shows that churches are not just relying on security teams but are softening to the idea of allowing congregants to carry firearms.

Last year, only 45 percent of the pastors polled said part of their security measures include having armed church members. That number has jumped up to 54 percent this year.

In 2019, 27% said they enforced a no firearms policy at their building, but that number has dropped to 21% now.

“Most churches are small, so security plans often don’t need to be elaborate or expensive,” McConnell said.

Meanwhile, those polled say they are less likely to rely on intentional planning to address potential security threats. In 2019, 62 percent said they had such a plan in place for an active shooting situation. Since then, that number has fallen to 57 percent.

“While churches may have different convictions on how to maintain security, it is surprising that fewer churches have an intentional plan for an active shooter than did in 2019,” said McConnell. “As churches cut back on activities during COVID, this may have been one of the initiatives that did not resume for some churches.”


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Watch for nationwide AMMUNITION RECALL – NYPD orders officers to turn in their ammunition

NYPD officers ordered to turn in their ammunition – RECALL

NYPD orders officers to turn in their bullets in ammunition recall

January 7, 2023

The NYPD issued a department-wide recall of its 9 mm ammunition (SPEER Gold Dot 9 mm 124-gr. +P) this week after it was discovered that a bad batch of bullets was failing to fire properly, the Daily News has learned.

The recall was issued on Jan. 5 and all officers who received 9 mm ammo from the department between Dec. 19 and Wednesday were ordered to report to the outdoor range on Rodman’s Neck and return them for a new cache of bullets..


Kidnapping Attempt Stopped By Armed Good Samaritan

The suspects were confronted by a bystander and then released the victim, according to police.

December 30, 2022


MASS SHOOTING AVERTED: Good Guy with a Gun Stops Bad Guy with a Gun – Amazon Distribution Center, Chandeler, Arizona

It’s happen again. Mass shooting averted. A good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun.

December 14, 2022

Amazon contracted employee returned fire at shooter outside warehouse.

The suspected shooter was killed when an Amazon contracted employee returned fire, Chandler police said. One other person was hospitalized.

CHANDLER, Ariz. — A contracted Amazon worker returned fire on a suspected shooter at the Amazon Flex warehouse in Chandler, police said.

Investigators believe the deceased man shot an Amazon contracted worker before another employee fatally shot him. The deceased man did not work for Amazon, according to the Chandler Police Department.

The worker who shot the original shooter is cooperating with the police, and authorities said that his actions may have prevented a larger shooting.

“He did come to the aid of an individual who was being shot by our suspect. So and so in that case, I would say he is a Good Samaritan,” said Sgt. Jason McClimans.

Chandler police said the incident did not involve an “active shooter” investigators are working to determine the circumstances leading up to Wednesday’s shooting.

Authorities said they don’t know if it was a targeted attack.

“We’re deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence in our parking lot. We’re working closely with law enforcement as they investigate and are focused on supporting our team during this difficult time,” said Amazon spokesman Richard Rocha.

Bryton Bobbitt was in his delivery van in the Amazon warehouse parking lot near McQueen and Queen Creek roads when the shooting started.

After hearing a “pop, pop, pop” sound, the driver quickly looked for a safe place.

“As soon as I saw employees running, I just put my van in drive and got out of here as quickly as I could,” Bobbitt said.