About Us

In-Gauge of Polk County is a NRA affiliated, non-profit, shooting sports club dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the shooting sports through firearms training and safety education.

All of In-Gauge of Polk County’s firearms instructors are volunteers who work without compensation.  Proceeds from training classes go to promote firearm safety education and the delivery of firearms training to the public.

In-Gauge of Polk County is a State of Florida registered corporation governed by a board of directors.  The Club meets the second Tuesday of every month in Winter Haven, Florida and instructional classes are conducted throughout the month with a varying schedule.

What makes us different from others who conduct concealed carry / firearms training?

  1. We are a State of Florida registered non-profit organization.  Proceeds from our training go to promote firearm safety and provide youth firearm safety training, as well as, firearms training to the public at large.  Money received from you for training does not go to make payments on someone’s new boat, a tricked-out pickup truck, new RV or lakefront home.
  2. Our mission and all we do is firearms training.
  3. We do not sell guns.  We do not sell ammunition.  We do not sell sporting goods.  We do not conduct training in our spare time as a hobby or a second job.  We are totally committed to firearms safety training.
  4. We do not conduct training classes in rented hotel rooms, sales area lobbies or employee break rooms.  Our training is taught in a dedicated classroom and learning center.
  5. Our classrooms are equipped with modern audio/visual equipment and real-life training aids.  We do not us plastic props or toy guns.
  6. All of our instructors are NRA certified firearms instructors, who conduct nothing but NRA firearms training.
  7. All firearms training classes include real, live-fire range training with the minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition fired during any basic pistol course and up to 200 rounds fired during the advance DEFENSIVE PISTOL COURSE.  Unlike other providers who have their students fire one round into a steel can or 5 shots fired at a paper target on an indoor range.
  8. Only official National Rifle Association material is conducted in all training classes.
  9. Official National Rifle Association student packets, including textbooks are provided in all official NRA classes.
  10. Official nationally, recognized National Rifle Association certificates of training are issued upon successful completion of all official NRA classes.
  11. We do not require fingerprinting or a background check prior to class participation.  Nor do we maintain a computer data base on our students.
  12. We own our own range capable of accommodating pistol, rifle and shotgun training.

Inquiries can be directed to:

          In-Gauge of Polk County

          6039 Cypress Gardens Boulevard

          Winter Haven, Florida  33884

          Phone:   863 – 206 – 1996

or by completing the form below . . .

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