CONCEALED CARRY CLASS – Don’t Be Misled By An Insurance Sales Seminar Disguised As A Concealed Carry Class

  • In-Gauge of Polk County conducts authentic concealed carry and unequaled official NRA firearms training classes.
  • In-Gauge of Polk County never conducts classes in rented hotel rooms.
  • All In-Gauge of Polk County’s concealed carry classes and firearms training use REAL defensive caliber firearms and ammunition.
  • All In-Gauge of Polk County’s firearms training and concealed carry classes meet and exceed the State of Florida’s training requirement for applying for a Florida concealed carry weapons license.
  • Concealed carry training conducted in a hotel is not recognized for as firearms training.

When taking advantage of this offer, please have a digital (pdf or jpg) copy of your receipt available for submission. If you are unable to submit a digital copy, you will be charged a $50 registration fee until you submit a hard copy the day of the class.

For complete class information and to register for a class, go to: Register For A Class

Do not be misled by an insurance sales seminar disguised as a concealed carry class.

We will honor all registration receipts from those who enrolled in a ‘hotel conducted’ concealed carry class.












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Hotel Concealed Carry Classes Are Back

Considering taking a concealed carry weapons class conducted at a local hotel?


  • Why would you take a concealed carry class from an unknown, out-of-town provider with no ties to your local community?
  • Why would you take a concealed carry class in a rented hotel room?
  • In a COVID-19 environment, why would you subject yourself to sitting in a crowded room with 20 – 30 students.
  • Why would you take a concealed carry class that may not be recognized by the State of Florida for applying for a Florida concealed carry weapons license?

Take your concealed carry and firearms training only from an established, local training provider. Not from a group that travels the state conducting weekend classes in rented hotel rooms.

Florida law requires that anyone conducting an approved concealed carry weapons training class must witness the student “. . . . discharge of the firearm included live fire using a firearm and ammunition as defined in fs. 790.001; . . . .” Florida Statute 790.06.(2)(h)7

When considering taking a hotel conducted concealed carry weapons class, call and ask where the State required live-fire training is conducted. Oh, that is if they provided a phone number to call.

If the concealed carry weapons license class conducted in a rented hotel room does not include a trip the the range and involve the firing of a firearm using live ammunition, the training is not valid for applying for a State of Florida concealed carry weapons license.

In-Gauge of Polk County’s concealed carry training is guaranteed to meet the State of Florida’s training requirement for applying for a Florida concealed carry weapons license. Feel free to call us at: 863-206-1996.

In-Gauge of Polk County NEVER conducts concealed carry or firearms training classes in rented hotel rooms.


Those conducting hotel concealed carry weapons classes may claim to be certified NRA instructors. Do not be misled! Official NRA firearms and concealed carry classes are never taught in rented hotel rooms or at gun shows.

Those conducting hotel concealed carry weapons classes may even claim to provide fingerprinting services that will be recognized by the Florida Department of Agriculture when applying for you license. Another falsehood.

Recognized and accepted fingerprinting must be digitally performed by either a law enforcement agency, an approved county tax collector’s office or a Florida Dept. of Agriculture concealed carry weapons processing center . . . Florida Statute 790.06.(5)(c).

If you take a concealed carry weapons license class that does not include firing live ammunition from a real firearm, you risk losing your license processing and application fee and having your licensed revoked, if it is discovered after issuance.

Laser guns, airsoft guns or simulated firing does not qualify as “live-fire” and is not recognized by the State of Florida.

You took a class. But, are you qualified?

Active Shooter Defense Training

Our ‘Active Shooter Defense Training‘ is an advanced level tactical training class.

Our ‘Active Shooter Defense Training‘ course is 10 hours in duration (5 hours classroom instruction and 5 hours live-fire range training).

This course exceeds the State of Florida’s training requirements for concealed carry license application. 

This is an advanced level class that requires the completion of our 5-hour basic concealed carry training class or any official NRA pistol training course for participation. The possession of a concealed carry license is NOT a recognized prerequisite.

This course addresses and teaches:

  – Situational awareness

  – Mental preparedness

  – Threat assessment

  – Threat mitigation

  – Legal considerations in the use of lethal force

  – Concealed carry techniques

  – Selection of the proper firearm self-defense

  – Types of concealed carry holsters and selection

  – Ammunition for defensive purposes

  – Drawing from a holster and re-holstering

  – Utilization of cover and concealment

  – Engaging single and multiple assailants

  – Dealing with and correcting firearm malfunctions

This is not a beginner level course.  The participant must have a basic and working knowledge of handguns.

Although the tactical, live-fire range training is aggressive, it is conducted at the participant’s level of ability.

Each participant will be provided with an official NRA student packet and training manual.

An official, nationally recognized NRA certificate of completion is issued upon successful completion that can be used for applying for a Florida concealed carry license.

There is no other training of this caliber taught anywhere locally.

We do not mind if you shop around. Please do. But, keep in mind if you want incomparable handgun training, come back to us. There is no substitute for official NRA firearms training.

The NRA set the standard that others attempt to imitate.

The registration deadline for this course is Friday, Sept. 20th.  The basic prerequisite class can be taken any time prior to the Sept. 20th registration closing date.

To obtain the prerequisite, eligibility training required, by enrolling in any of our basic concealed carry classes, call us or visit our website and register online at:

Then click on “Register For A Class”.

Further information and reservations can be obtained by sending an email to: or by calling: 206-1996.









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Partnering With Gander Outdoors

We are proud to partner with Gander RV & Outdoors – Bartow, Florida

Our inaugural concealed carry weapons license qualification training class, at Gander RV & Outdoors, Bartow, Florida, will take place Saturday, Sept. 21st.

Registration of this class or any of our other firearm training classes can be done online at by going to: and click on “Register For A Class

Ladies’ Pistol Cleaning Clinics – Free for Ladies Only

FREE ladies only pistol cleaning clinics Saturday, July 13th at Gander RV & Outdoors

Two ladies only pistol cleaning clinics Saturday, July 13th at Gander RV & Outdoors – Bartow, Florida.

2 FREE ladies only handgun/pistol cleaning clinics, Saturday, July 13th, at GANDER RV & OUTDOORS – Bartow, Florida

Morning: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Afternoon: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Gander RV & Gander Outdoors

7400 Hwy. 60, East, Bartow, Florida

(Hwy. 60, East at Rifle Range Road)

Bring your dirty handgun and learn the correct and safe way to clean it.

These clinics are free and open to any woman 16 years of age and older. (Those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian.)

All firearms are to be unloaded and contained in a secure case.

Bring your own cleaning kit and materials. If you do not own any, kits will be available at GANDER OUTDOORS. It is recommended that if you do not currently own a kit or supplies, do not buy them prior to the clinic. You will be instructed as to the correct materials you will need in the future.

FREE tickets to the clinics can be obtained thru Eventbite at:

Reservations are required. Space is limited.


Is an ID required or is there a minimum age for participation?

No, an ID is not required. The recommended minimum age is 16. Those under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

What can I bring into the event?

Your personal handgun and any cleaning supplies you have. If you do not own any cleaning materials, cleaning kits will be available at GANDER OUTDOORS.

We absolutely do require that all firearms be UNLOAD and that NO ammunition be brought into the building.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Send an email inquiry to: or call: 206-1996

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes, please. Pre-registrationis required. Walk-ins will not be permitted.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?











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Concealed Carry License Classes – July

Unable to get into a local law enforcement agency concealed carry weapons class?

Unable to get into a local law enforcement agency concealed carry weapons class?

  • Unable to take the time off to make the registration and fingerprinting appointment?
  • Unable to take a Saturday class?
  • Don’t like sitting and listening to a lecture with 30-40 other students?
  • Do you want to learn how to use your handgun not just being told where and when you can carry your gun?
  • Do you want a small class in which you will not be intimidated?
  • Do you want one-on-one instruction?
  • Do you want a training certificate that is recognized in all 50 states and internationally?
  • Do you want training from the organization that set the standard for firearms training? There is no substitute for NRA firearms training.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, contact In-Gauge of Polk County for both basic and advanced, official National Rifle Association firearms training.

All of our NRA firearms training exceed the State of Florida’s training requirement for applying for a concealed carry weapons license.

In-Gauge of Polk County is an NRA chartered and registered non-profit organization that strictly adheres the National Rifle Association firearm training standards. In-Gauge is a 100% volunteer organization and all profits go to fund local firearms training programs.

The cost of our basic concealed carry firearms training class is $50, if you register and pay in full online.

We offer both weekday and Saturday classes. You can find our class schedule and register online at:
or call: 863-206-1996.

We are offering a FREE one year NRA membership with all class enrollments during the month of July.











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