Give A Gift Of Self-defense For The Holidays

In-Gauge of Polk County currently has gift certificates available for all firearms and self-defense training classes.

In-Gauge of Polk County has been conducting incomparable concealed carry classes, in Polk County, for over 6 years. During such time, we have trained over 5,000 law abiding citizens how to defend their lives and the lives of their loved ones. We receive numerous word-of-mouth referrals, with students traveling from as far north as Atlanta, Georgia and as far south as Fort Lauderdale and Naples to attend our classes.

However, we have not done a good job in getting the word out that we conduct more than basic ‘concealed carry’ classes.

Although our basic, 5-hour concealed carry training class (CCW 101), is head and shoulders above and beyond any other ‘concealed carry’ class conducted locally and far exceeds the minimum standard for applying for a Florida concealed carry license, it is considered a basic, orientation, firearms, self-defense, training class.

For your convenience and to make our other self-defense, firearms training classes more understandable, we have packaged several of our classes and displayed them below.

We encourage you to contact your local law enforcement agency and ask if they provided firearm training beyond a basic State qualification concealed carry class.

Ask that same agency or any gun shop or gun show concealed carry class provider if they train you in the proper technique of drawing from a holster or a pocketbook, the various methods of carrying a concealed firearm, the clearing of firearm malfunctions and jams, the utilization of cover and concealment or the tactical use of shotgun for home defense.

We don’t mind if our competition takes notice and attempts to imitate our training programs, because we know our training cannot be duplicated. We are just that good. It has been said, “It aint brag’n if it’s true.
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Gift certificates can be purchased for individual classes or training packages. Convenient purchases can be made using PayPal.

A full list of firearm and self-defense classes can be found on our website at:

Celebrating the NRA’s 148th Anniversary – Nov. 17th

In celebration of the NRA’s 148 years of providing unequivocal firearms safety training and protecting the 2nd Amendment, In-Gauge of Polk County will give away one free NRA membership in each of its basic concealed carry training classes during the entire month of November.

The National Rifle Association is the oldest, incorporated, non-profit organization in the United States. In-Gauge of Polk County is a 100% NRA member, non-profit organization charted by the National Rifle Association.

Membership in In-Gauge of Polk County includes membership in the National Rifle Association. You can renew your National Rifle Association membership by joining In-Gauge of Polk County and support local shooting sports programs.

Concealed Carry Classes – Winter Haven / Lakeland

When you are serious about defending your life and the lives of your loved ones.

When you are serious about defending your life and the lives of your loved ones.
If you think all there is to carrying a deadly weapon in public is knowing how to pull a trigger, take any gun show or gun shop concealed carry class.
We teach you how to use your firearm to defend your life and the lives of your loved ones. There is no substitute for NRA firearms training.

Concealed Carry Classes – Polk County, Florida

In celebration of the NRA’s 148th anniversary, we are giving away one FREE NRA membership in every concealed carry class during the month of November.
Contact us to enroll in any of our Saturday or Wednesday classes at:


Our remaining November class schedule . . .

Concealed Carry License Training Class – Polk County

When it comes to concealed carry firearms training, everyone wants the highest quality and most informative training available. Well, there are two types: large class, static lecture and hands-on, interactive practical.

You must decide if you want to sit in a class with 40-50 other people, where the instructor lectures to the group using a static slide presentation or . .

. . . participate in a small,, hands-on, practical, interactive class that trains you in the use of a firearm for self-defense.

All of our firearm concealed carry classes are small and interactive, that provide hands-on instruction. Our classes train the participant in the knowledge, skills and attitude for safe and responsible firearm ownership and use.

Contact us for all manner of firearms training, including concealed carry weapons license qualification, as well as, basic and advanced tactical, self-defense, defensive shotgun, rifle and more.

For complete training class descriptions and availability, visit our website at: or call us at: 863-206-1996.

You took a class. But, are you qualified?

What qualifies you to carry a deadly weapon in public?

With having a concealed carry weapons license also comes responsibility. Being qualified to carry a deadly weapon in public involves more than just having a card in your wallet.

Concealed Carry License Training – Polk County

All manner of firearms training:

  • Concealed carry weapons license training
  • Basic and advanced pistol training
  • Basic shotgun
  • Basic Defensive shotgun
  • Basic Rifle – AR rifle
We offer a 100% money back, student satisfaction guarantee.
We guarantee you will not find more comprehensive, comparable, firearms training anywhere in Central Florida offered privately or through a law enforcement agency. We are so sure of it, we will refund your money, if you are not satisfied with the training you receive. If that happens, you will be the first.
  • Active Shooter Defense Training Tactical firearms training for the general public
  • Church Guardian Training Tactical firearms training for members of faith based organization
  • Personal Protection Outside The Home
  • Personal Protection In The Home

Non-Firearm Training

  • Refuse To Be A Victim – A non-firearm crime prevention seminar
  • Stop The Bleed – Emergency blood loss control and tourniquet training – A free 1 1/2 hands-on training clinic