CONCEALED CARRY CLASS : End of Summer Special – $35

The material presented in this class is unmatched anywhere locally. Guaranteed.

Concealed Carry Class- Minimum Standards Sunday, September 20, 2020

Cost $35 per person – For this class only. Regular price: $50

Online Registration At: Sunday, September 20th

Online registration and prepayment is required.

All proceeds go to support local shooting sports programs. In-Gauge of Polk County is a registered, local, NRA chartered, non-profit organization

We have received calls from people wanting to know how this class differs from a class conducted at a gun show, gun shop or one of those conducted in a rented hotel room.

The answer is:

  • Our 3 hour ‘minimum standards‘ class is more comprehensive, covering more relevant material and up-to-date current events.
  • This is NOT a ‘hotel” conducted class. Nothing has been cut, abbreviated or deleted.
  • Our classes are both informative and entertaining
  • Our are classes are small and interactive
  • You will neither be bored or fall asleep in one of our classes.
  • We use modern, up-to-date audio-visual equipment
  • This class fulfills the training requirement for applying for a Sate of Florida concealed carry license.
  • Although this class includes the firing of a real, defensive caliber handgun, it does not include handgun training. That is what makes it minimum standards‘.

You will leave this class with an awareness of the use of a firearm for self-defense and the defense of the lives of your loved ones that you never had.  You will be presented with material you never knew existed.  The material presented in this class is unmatched anywhere locallyGuaranteed.

Topics covered:
• Florida law pertaining to carrying a concealed carry weapon
• Gun safety and the fundamentals of handgun handling
• Self-Defense strategies
• What guns to purchase for concealed carry and self-defense
• Applying for and maintaining your Florida concealed carry license
• Live-fire proficiency demonstration and evaluation

Following the classroom session, the student will live-fire a handgun for safety and proficiency evaluation, as required by State law, for certification.

This is our most basic concealed carry class. The class includes all the subject material and training required for applying for a State of Florida concealed carry license and includes live-fire, firearm proficiency evaluation.  This is not a firearms training class.

All equipment and materials provided

  • Firearm
  • Ammunition
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye protection
  • Printed course materials

All class participation information will be provided at the time of paid registration.

Cost: $35 per person – Online registration and prepayment is required.
For pistol/handgun training, we recommend our:
  • Concealed Carry Qualification Firearms Training Class – CCW 101 (5 hours) Prerequisite for NRA Defensive Pistol Course
  • NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting (12 hours) Prerequisite for NRA Defensive Pistol Course
  • NRA Defensive Pistol Course (10 hours) an advanced concealed carry class  

The above listed courses exceed the State of Florida’s training requirement for applying for a Florida concealed carry license.



Winter Haven, Florida

Florida Concealed Carry Weapons License Class

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