Are You Serious About Your Concealed Carry Training?

When you are serious about defending your life and the lives of your loved ones, In-Gauge of Polk County should be your only consideration for training.
If you think all there is to carrying a deadly weapon in public is knowing how to pull a trigger, take any gun show or class conducted in a rented hotel room.
In-Gauge of Polk County teaches you how to use your firearm to defend your life and the lives of your loved ones. There is no substitute for NRA firearms training.
Thinking about taking a concealed carry weapons class in a rented hotel room?

Let the buyer beware!

Recently we have been receiving a number of inquiries regarding concealed carry weapon classes being conducted in rented hotel rooms. Most of which are being conducted by out-of-town providers that travel the state conducting weekend classes. The classes range from 1 1/2 – 3 hours and claim to provide all the training necessary to meet the State of Florida’s minimum training requirements for applying for a Florida concealed carry weapons license. In most instances that claim is an absolute falsehood.

Florida law requires that anyone conducting an approved or recognized concealed carry weapons training class must witness the student “. . . . discharge of the firearm included live fire using a firearm and ammunition as defined in s. 790.001; . . . .” Florida Statute 790.06.(2)(h)7

Those conducting hotel concealed carry weapons classes may claim to be certified NRA instructors. Do not be misled! Official NRA firearms and concealed carry classes are never taught in rented hotel rooms or at gun shows.

Those conducting hotel concealed carry weapons classes may even claim to provide fingerprinting services that will be recognized by the Florida Department of Agriculture when applying for you license. Another falsehood.

Recognized and accepted fingerprinting must be digitally performed by either a law enforcement agency, an approved county tax collector’s office or a Florida Dept. of Agriculture concealed carry weapons processing center . . . Florida Statute 790.06.(5)(c).

If the concealed carry weapons license class conducted in a rented hotel room does not include a trip the the range and involve the firing of a firearm using live ammunition, the training is not valid for applying for a State of Florida concealed carry weapons license.

Laser guns, airsoft guns or simulated firing does not qualify as “live-fire” and is not recognized by the State of Florida.

If you take a concealed carry weapons license class that does not include firing live ammunition from a real handgun, you risk losing your license processing and application fee and having your licensed revoked, if it is discovered after issuance.

Cases of revoked licenses:

Florida instructor faces trial in gun-licensing scam . . .

171 concealed carry permits revoked due to improper training . . . .

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