What Can Happen When Your Home Is Invaded and You Are Unarmed . . .

5 killed by Texas escapee died from gunshot and stab wounds

June 9, 2022

CENTERVILLE, Texas (AP) — A Texas grandfather and his four grandsons killed by a prison escapee died from gunshots, sharp force injuries and stab wounds, a medical examiner’s report said.

Convicted murderer Gonzalo Lopez escaped from a prison transport bus last month and is accused of killing Mark Collins, 66, and his four grandsons, who ranged in age from 11 to 18, authorities said.

Authorities believe Lopez attacked the family at their ranch near Centerville, about 115 miles south of Dallas, then stole their truck and drove it more than 200 miles before he was shot to death by police.

A medical examiner’s report released Thursday by a Leon County justice of the peace said Collins and his 18-year-old grandson, Waylon Collins, died from gunshot wounds and sharp force injuries.

The three younger grandsons — 16-year-old Carson Collins, 11-year-old Hudson Collins, and 11-year-old Bryson Collins — died from gunshots and stab wounds.

Joe Biden Would Not Approve: Florida woman, 8 months pregnant, uses AR-15 to shoot and kill armed intruder

After two men broke in and began pistol-whipping her husband, the woman, who is eight months pregnant, fired a shot from the family’s AR-15-style rifle ending the confrontation.

Litha, Florida – November 4, 2019

A Florida woman who is eight months pregnant used an AR-15 to shoot and kill one of two intruders who were terrorizing her family, authorities say.

The incident happened Wednesday in Lithia, which is about 25 miles southeast of Tampa, according to TV station WHNS.

Jeremy King told Bay News 9 that he was at home with his wife and their 11-year-old daughter when the intruders burst into their home. Both were armed.

While King was being held at gunpoint, he says his wife walked into the room and was nearly shot. She retreated and grabbed the AR-15, opening fire.

“[They] came in with two normal pistols and my AR stopped it,” King said in an interview with Bay News 9. “[My wife] evened the playing field and kept them from killing me.”

The intruder who was shot collapsed about 200 feet outside the home. The other intruder is still on the loose.

King suffered a fractured eye socket, a fractured sinus cavity and a concussion to go along with 20 stitches from the attack.

Orlando Grandmother Defends Home – Shoots, Kills Intruder

When the man advanced on her, Virginia fired one warning shot into the air.

Sunday afternoon, May 22nd Virginia Morrison, 70 was confronted in her living room by an unknown, middle-aged male intruder.

Virginia immediately demanded to know who he was, what he wanted and what he was doing there. Standing there mute, the intruder did not reply. At that point, Virginia attempted to scare him off, striking the man in the face with the bristle end of a broom.

When her attempts failed, she shouted to her live-in companion, Charlie, 80, who was in an adjacent room, to get his gun.

Failing to dissuade the intruder with her broom, Virginia threw her cell phone at the man.

Upon Charlie entering the room and assessing the situation, he fired one round from is .45 caliber semi-automatic into the living room floor to frighten off the intruder. Again, the intruder was undeterred.

At that point Virginia retreated to get her own gun. Virginia then exited the home by the backdoor and circled the house to the front yard where she again encountered the intruder.

Standing in the front yard facing her assailant, Virginia again shouted to the man demanding to know who he was, what he wanted and what he was doing there. Again, her assailant did not answer. Virginia then warned him that she had a gun and was prepared to use it.

When the man advanced on her, Virginia fired one warning shot into the air. Again unfazed, the man continued to walk toward her. Virginia then pointed her .38 Special revolver at her assailant’s chest and fired a single shot, striking her assailant in the chest.

Clutching his chest and seeing blood on his hands, the assailant turned, took several steps toward the driveway and fell to the ground, where he died.

What Virginia Morrison did right:

  1. Called for assistance from her companion.
  2. Retreated from the room to obtain her gun.
  3. Exited the home.
  4. Fired one well-placed shot in her assailant’s center of mass, neutralizing the threat.
  5. Had a sufficient caliber gun to neutralize the threat.

What Virginia and Charlie did wrong: Oh my!

  1. Initially, tried to speak with and rationalize with the intruder.
  2. Initially, attempted to scare off the intruder with a broom, when her help was only feet away.
  3. Threw her only means of communication (cell phone) at the intruder.
  4. Charlie fired warning shot into the floor.
  5. Virginia ran from the home rather than aiding Charlie and firing on the intruder inside the home.
  6. When encountering her assailant again outside the home, Virginia attempted to rationalize and have a conversation with him.
  7. Virginia fired a warning shot into the air.  Where did that bullet end up?
  8. Virginia fired only one shot.  Rarely is one shot sufficient to neutralize a threat.
  9. Cooperative fully with law enforcement officers investigating the incident, without consulting an attorney.
  10. Gave a live interview with the news media, without consulting an attorney.
    • At no time, during her recorded TV interview, did Virginia ever state that she was in fear for her life.
    • Virginia only stated that she was sorry for what she did.  She did what she had to do and she would do it again.  She stated that she hoped God would forgive her for killing a man.

State Attorney to decide if Florida woman, 70, will be charged for shooting, killing suspected intruder

The bigger picture and time proven recommendations:

  • In Florida, your home is your castle. Under Florida’s ‘Castle Doctrine’, your home is your castle. Anyone entering your home univited, armed or unarmed, is deemed to be there to do you harm and you are justified in the use of lethal force.
  • You only fire your gun in defense of your life.
  • There is no such thing as a “warning shot”, either inside or outside the home. Firing a “warning shot” can send you to prison for 20 years.
  • You do not attempt to carry on a conversation with your assailant. He or she is not your friend.
  • In most instances, you are dealing with someone who is:
    • Stung out on drugs or under the influence of alcohol
    • Mentally ill
    • Extremely angry
  • In the home, retreat to a ‘safe room’ and make a stand. Do not exit the home. Your assailant may have accomplices outside.
  • When firing on your assailant, fire until your threat is neutralized. Resign yourself to firing a minimum of 3 rounds and re-assess. Rarely is one round sufficient to neutralize a threat.
  • When law enforcement arrives, the only state you should make is: “I was in fear for my life.” “I want to speak to my attorney.” PERIOD and you say NO more!
  • In such a situation, your only friend is your attorney. Your attorney is the only one who can keep you from spending the rest of your life in the state penitentiary.
  • You absolutely, positively give NO statements to the media. Your only friend is your attorney. Your attorney is the only one who can keep you from spending the rest of your life in the state penitentiary.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing contained herein is to be considered to be legal advice. If you have questions regarding your legal rights, consult an attorney licensed in the state of Florida.

Four armed intruders broke into home — two survived

The suspects forced their way inside but were soon confronted by the homeowner, who was also armed

Mitchell Willetts – May 16, 2022 The Kansas City Star

DEKALB COUNTY, Indiana – A group of four armed intruders broke into an Indiana home recently, but only two left alive, state police told news outlets.

It happened early Sunday, May 15, at a home in DeKalb County, officials told WXIN.

The suspects forced their way inside but were soon confronted by the homeowner, who was also armed, the TV station reported.

The resident fired at the burglars, killing two of them, police told WTHR. The homeowner held the remaining two at gunpoint until officers arrived and arrested them.

No charges have been brought against the homeowner, WPTA reported.

The surviving suspects were taken into custody on charges of burglary and murder, according to the outlet. Murder charges can be brought against the suspects because they reportedly were committing a felony that led to two deaths, the station said.

When you think law enforcement will arrive in time . . .

Home invasion victim sexually assaulted while on phone with 911 operator, waiting for officers to arrive.

A California women was sexually assaulted, while on the phone with the 911 operator, waiting for law enforcement officers to arrive, responding to a call of a home invasion. Police response time: 7 minutes.

Following the assault, the woman was held hostage, with a gun pointed to her head, while on-scene officers negotiated with her assailant.

The suspect, Demetrius Trussell, was charged in San Diego Superior Court with 18 felonies.

Not The Recommended Thing To Do: ‘Woman Shoots / Kills Would-Be Intruder’

The would-be intruder was “armed” with a tire iron and had actually used it to break a bedroom window.

Woman shot and killed man trying to break into her home with tire iron

Although, to date, no charges have been filed against the homeowner, the woman’s actions are not recommended.

In the state of Florida, for the use of lethal force to be justified, the victim must have the reasonable belief that his or her life, safety or well-being is in imminent danger. In fear for his or her life.

The woman (women) inside the house may have believed her (their) safety and well-being were in danger. But, it is hard to justify the the use of lethal force against a would-be intruder outside the house.

It has been reported the wouldbe intruder was “armed” with a tire iron and had actually used it to break a bedroom window. However, he was still standing outside the home. The shots fired that killed the man were fired through the window from inside the home.

It is appreciated the homeowner has not been charged for her actions in defending her life and that of her companion. However, it is not recommended that anyone repeat such actions. In another Florida county or in another state, such action may not be viewed as leniently.

It should be understood Florida’s “Castle Doctrine” dictates an occupant of a dwelling, structure or vehicle is justified in the use of lethal if that occupant has the reasonable belief the use of force or deadly force is necessary to prevent an imminent threat to life, safety and well-being.

How does a person qualify for “Castle Doctrine” protection? Florida law requires that two conditions be present:

  1. The person against whom deadly force was used was in the process of unlawfully and forcefully entering, or had unlawfully and forcibly entered a dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle, or they had removed or were attempting to remove another against that person’s will from the dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle, and
  2. The person who uses defensive force knew or had reason to believe that an unlawful and forcible entry or unlawful and forcible act was occurring or had occurred.

There is no doubt the deceased victim made some bad decisions that cost him his life. And, it is appreciated the two women in the home were not harmed by an intoxicated irate man who, by all appearances, had ill intent.

The proper action to take in such circumstances and that taught in the NRA’s ‘Personal Protection In The Home Course‘ is to:

  1. Arm yourself
  2. Retreat to a “safe room”
  3. Lock the “safe room” door
  4. Call 9-1-1 and inform law enforcement of your situation
  5. Maintain an open phone line with 9-1-1 until law enforcement officers arrive
  6. Be prepared to defend yourself against anyone who enters your “safe room”
  7. Neutralize any threat that forces entry to your “safe room”
  8. Maintain your firearm trained on your threat until law enforcement arrives
  9. Do not leave the safety of your “safe room” (Flee your safe room only in the event of fire.)
  10. Explicitly follow the instructions/orders of the 9-1-1 operator and law enforcement officers upon their arrival
  11. Keep in mind, you are a suspect until proven otherwise