Winter Haven Gun Show

The February 26th 2022 Winter Haven Gun Show was the worst!

The gun show, put on by USA Gun Shows of Florida and conducted at the Winter Haven Garden Conference Center, February 26th and 27th, was by far the worst. The venue, at least the areas used, was too small. One area used was the hotel’s bar. Yes, the bar.

A vendor actually displayed his goods on the bar, while standing behind it. A bar complete with drink glasses on the shelves. The only thing missing were the liquer bottles. At the other end of the room was the fast food counter and grill. Dining tables were available for those who wished to grab a sandwich and cold drink.

There was totally inadequate vendor space. Two people could hardly walk by one another between tables. The other room being used, which was actually appropriate for the given use, was too small and the AC was not working. Again, there was little aisle space for people to walk.

For the few vendors there were, there was lots of ammunition for sale, but very few guns, new or used.

Regarding parking: That was another issue . . . totally inadequate. Parking was a nightmare. The venue was a hotel with hotel guests and adjacent businesses and property owners were not cooperative.

USA Gun Shows of Florida does not need to return to Winter Haven or Polk County for that matter.

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