Considering Taking A Concealed Carry Class

Why would you take a concealed carry class conducted in a rented hotel room or at a gun show?

Such classes are conducted by out-of-town vendors, that in most instances, do not have a local address, do not have a local license, do not have a local reputation, carry little to no insurance and have no way of getting in contact with them if there is a problem with your paperwork.

Question: Would buy a used car from a traveling auto dealer who sets up a weekend sale in a local department store parking lot?

Just because someone claims to be an NRA instructor does not mean he or she is conducting an NRA training class.

NRA firearms training

NRA instructors, who conduct NRA training classes are proud to wear official NRA clothing, displaying the NRA instructor logo.

If the instructor teaching your class is not wearing or displaying the official NRA instructor logo, not promoting NRA firearms training classes and NRA memberships, and

he or she is more interested in selling you T-shirts, mugs and bumper stickers, you are NOT attending official NRA training.

Official NRA firearms training classes are never taught in rented hotel rooms, at gun shows and rarely in gun shops.

For official NRA firearms and concealed carry training classes in Polk County, contact . . .



Winter Haven, Florida

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