Words of Wisdom from Sheriff Grady Judd on Owning and Carrying A Gun

“I do encourage anyone who wants to own, possess or carry a concealed firearm to please become familiar with that weapon. Learn how to safely handle and fire it.” “Good firearms training is a must.” – Sheriff Grady Judd.

Florida’s new ‘PERMITLESS CARRY’ law is not as simple as many people believe. Not knowing the new law can result in a felony arrest and a criminal record.

You can either learn what’s in Florida’s new concealed carry law and carry your gun legally or you can get arrested, charged with a felony and find out the hard way from a judge.

There are benefits to having a Florida concealed carry weapon and firearm license. Learn and know what they are.

Not knowing them can result in arrest, criminal charges, an appearance before a judge, extensive legal fees, a criminal record and the loss of your 2nd Amendment rights.

We conduct Florida concealed carry license and handgun training classes. Contact us to enroll in a class at: 863-206-1996

See our class schedule and register at: https://ingaugeofpolkcounty.com/register-for-a-class/

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