CONSUMER ALERT – Florida Concealed Carry Classes Conducted At Local Hotels

Information provided as a community service.

Beware of CONCEALED CARRY CLASSES conducted in rented hotel rooms!

What those who conduct such classes at local hotels do not want you to know:

  • They are NOT local providers or instructors.  They are from out of town and in most instances, from out of state.
  • They do NOT provide any handgun instruction or training.
  • There is NO live-fire range time or training.  If the class is conducted in a rented hotel room, you fire one paint cartridge at a paper target taped to a cardboard box.  No hotel is going to allow you or anyone to fire a real gun inside the hotel.
  • They may not be licensed to conduct business where they are conducting classes.

Before registering for a concealed carry class and paying your money, do your homework, ask questions.

  • What firearm training is provided in the class?  Will you be taught how to correctly use and fire a firearm?
  • What range does the provider use for the training?
  • How many rounds of ammunition will you fire during your training?
  • What are the instructor’s credentials?
  • Is the certificate of training issued recognized by the State of Florida for applying for a Florida concealed carry weapons license?
  • Is the class provider licensed to conduct business in the city and county where the class is conducted?
  • What is the class provider’s business address?  Who do you contact if there is a problem with your paperwork after you complete the class?
  • Is there a local phone number to call?
  • Is the class provider licensed and insured?
  • Will the class instructor or provider attempt to sell you insurance?  Ever been to a timeshare presentation?
  • Will the class instructor or provider attempt to sell you books or other materials?

If you do not ask the questions above, you have little to no regard for the training you receive and your hard earned money.  

You can ask the questions above and get the concealed carry/firearms training you want or pay the out-of-town providers once and pay again to get a class and training that provides you necessary training to make you confident and proficient in the use of a firearm to defend your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Not all concealed carry classes are alike.  There is a definite difference.  Do your homework, ask questions and shop around.

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