Purchased your first gun? Now what?

Official NRA firearms training is recognized as the ‘standard’ worldwide.

If you are looking for unequaled firearms training, for either personal development or to qualify for a Florida concealed carry weapons license, visit our website at: www.ingaugeofpolkcounty.com

  • Don’t settle for 20 – 30 minutes of “I’ll show you how to do that” training at some gun shop range, by an employee whose job is selling guns.
  • Don’t rely on that neighbor down the street who will show you how he does it.
  • Don’t depend on the uncle who owns a couple guns and will take you to the range to show you how he shoots.

Get official NRA firearms training that is recognized as the ‘standard‘ worldwide.

NRA firearms training teaches you more than just how to pull a trigger.

NRA basic handgun training teaches you:

  • How to correctly hold, handle and shoot your gun.
  • How to correctly load and unload your gun.
  • How to acquire a sight picture and correct sight alignment.
  • How to correctly manage and correct firearm and ammunition malfunctions.
  • How to correctly clean and store your gun.

NRA advanced handgun training teaches you:

  • How to defend your life and the lives of your loved ones.
  • How to correctly draw, present and fire your firearm in defense of your life.
  • How to correctly draw while wearing a cover garment.
  • How to correctly draw from a concealed carry purse or pocketbook.
  • How to engage single and multiple assailants.
  • How to use cover and concealment.
  • How to correctly move between cover and concealment.
  • How to fire and engage an assailant utilizing cover and concealment.
  • How to manage firearm and ammunition malfunctions while engaging an assailant.

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