Florida ‘Constitutional Carry’ Bill Sponsor Shoots Self In Foot -UPDATED

Florida HB-103 sponsor Anthony Sabatini shoots himself in the foot, metaphorically speaking, ending any hope of his ‘Constitutional Carry’ bill seeing the light of day in the waning days of the 2022 Florida legislative session.

One should not insult those whom one is begging for support.

See the death blow to Representative Sabatini’s ‘Constitutional Carry’ bill here . . . . Chris Latvala, Anthony Sabatini trade barbs over doomed constitutional carry bill

Updated -February 13, 2022


Constitutional carry. The push by gun-rights advocates for the right to openly carry firearms with no restrictions appears doomed. HB 103 remains stuck in the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, with no sign it will even get a hearing.

That’s a big defeat for gun nut — er, Second Amendment proponent — state Rep. Anthony Sabatini, who should be used to this by now. Sabatini offered the bill, but it’s going to the same place nearly all of his proposals go — the dumper.

This turn of events sparked an entertaining back-and-forth after Sabatini lashed out at House Speaker Chris Sprowls, a fellow Republican, on Twitter.

“RINO Cowards like Chris Sprowls are once again BLOCKING Constitutional Carry! When will people wake up and vote these TRASH establishment ‘Republicans’ out?!” he tweeted. “FYI — if your Representative and/or Senator is silent on Constitutional Carry, that means they are working AGAINST you!!!”

Republican state Sen. Chris Latvala then joined the fray.

“Hey moron, who is your Senate sponsor? Surely you know how to pass a bill by now,” Latvala posted.

There’s no companion bill filed in the upper chamber on this issue.

“The ineffective ‘Rep’ who has to claim victories through co-sponsorship requests wants to trash genuinely good human beings to be relevant to his followers,” posted Rep. Kaylee Tuck, a Lake Placid Republican. “I guess Session gets boring when none of your bills move. Do we have office space available on the 23rd floor?”

Sprowls earlier banished Sabatini to an office in the Capitol basement, only because he couldn’t find anything lower.

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