“ACTIVE SHOOTER” TRAINING for Faith Organizations

15-hour tactical “Active Shooter” training for faith organizations 

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In-Gauge of Polk County offers an all encompassing, 15 hour “active shooter” training course specifically designed for churches, ministries, synagogues, worship centers and other faith organizations. This training is for the individual or group of individuals who wish to be part of a worship center armed guardian/sentinel/emergency response team or whatever other name they wish to go buy.

Our “active shooter” Guardian Training is unlike any other”active shooter” or ALICE training you may have heard of or conducted locally. We train to do more than throw books, hymnals and pens at an armed assailant.

Our “active shooter” Guardian Training is a full tactical firearms training course that trains the participant in nationally recognized, standard methods of dealing with an armed assailant. Unlike other”active shooter” or ALICE training, we train the participant armed defense of one’s self and his or her loved ones and other members of a congregation.

There are no prerequisites for this course.  All participants will receive training from basic handgun to advanced defensive pistol shooting and situational awareness.  The training will be conducted in two distinct phases over a period of time, at the participants choosing, that will include both classroom and live-fire range training.  The participant will be expected to fire a minimum of 250 rounds of defensive caliber ammunition on the range engaging simulated, multiple assailant targets, while utilizing cover and drawing and firing from a concealment holster.

Training is divided into two distinct phases: Phase One and Phase Two.

  • Phase One – Basic firearms training (5 hours)
  • Phase Two – Advanced tactical firearms training  (10 hours)

Those enrolling in our Guardian Training can choose to take Phase One at any time that is convenient for him or her, within our training schedule. Phase Two can be completed as a group or at any time a Phase Two class is being conducted. * It is strongly encouraged that members of a group complete Phase Two together, as a group, to establish cohesiveness, provide group training and group familiarity with the team’s strengths and weaknesses, but is not required. Private group classes can be scheduled at no additional cost.

A nationally recognized, official NRA certificate of training will be issued upon successful completion.  The training meets and exceeds the State of Florida’s training requirements for concealed carry weapons license application.

For out-of-town groups, we offer an accelerated, 3-day course that begins late Thursday afternoon and ends mid-day Saturday. This is a fast paced course that is physically challenging and not for those easily fatigued.

Discount lodging can be arranged through the National Rifle Association’s membership benefits program.

This course has been designed to give the participant the opportunity to travel, arrive, check-in to lodging and begin the training in a relaxed and timely manner, while allowing for completion and returning home for Sunday services, with the minimum out-of-pocket expense.

Special group pricing is available for the course.  See information below or contact In-Gauge of Polk County via email at:  training.ingauge@gmail.com  or by visiting our website at:  www.ingaugeofpolkcounty.com

Others groups or organizations (including law enforcement agencies) may conduct “concealed carry weapons” classes or other handgun/pistol shooting instruction, but no other central Florida organization conducts official NRA advanced firearms training.  Just ask them.

We train all faiths and denominations.

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