Official NRA training class?

How do you know if the class you are about to take is an official NRA firearm training class?

NRA instructors teaching official NRA firearms training are proud to be NRA certified instructors conducting official NRA training courses and present the NRA image.

NRA instructors who conduct official NRA firearms training courses are easily identified, present a professional image and look the part  . . . 

Good 10

 Good 00   Good 03

Good 05  Good 04

Those conducting something other than official NRA firearms training are also easily identified . . . 

Bad 01  Other 02

           Bad 06

Our  Classroom


Our Local Competition’s Classroom

Their Classroom 0700
Under a shade tree

Breakroom 02

Breakroom 03B

See our  Questions To Ask  page before you decide on a firearm/concealed carry class provider and give them your money.

There is a difference.










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