Just That Good

Don’t Think You Need The Training ?

  1.  Have you ever been confronted with a life threatening, self-defense situation?
  2.  Have you ever look down the barrel of a gun?
  3.  Have you ever had to pull the trigger on an assailant?
  4.  Have you ever personally looked a person in the eyes who has been shot, bleeding on the ground, whose life is slipping away from them, hearing their last words?

Our instructors have!  In-Gauge of Polk County instructors have real life experience dealing with life threatening situations.

You can take instruction from people that have never been involved in real life, life threatening situations or you can take instruction from firearm instructors who have been there and done that.

Ask before you decide to enroll in a class elsewhere.

In-Gauge of Polk County firearms instructors have real life experience dealing with self-defense and the lethal use of force situations.

Yes, the defensive firearms training provided by In-Gauge of Polk County is just that good!

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