Concealed Carry Training

Concealed carry firearms training – Winter Haven, Lakeland and all of Polk County

In-Gauge of Polk County conducts unmatched, top quality, advanced, official NRA concealed carry firearms training.

All concealed carry firearms training is not the same.  Although others conducting concealed carry classes claim to be “certified NRA instructors” In-Gauge of Polk County is the only central Florida, non-profit organization conducting official National Rifle Association advanced concealed carry firearms training courses.

In-Gauge of Polk County encourages perspective students to research  other “concealed carry” training providers and inquire if they conduct official NRA firearms training or do they only conduct concealed carry classes taught by a “certified NRA instructor”.   There is a difference.

Unlike some  law enforcement agencies that conduct concealed weapons training classes,  In-Gauge of Polk County does not require  fingerprinting for class participation   nor do we  maintain a computer data base on our students .

You can take the minimum training required by Florida law to apply for a Florida issued concealed carry weapons license elsewhere or you can take an official NRA firearm training course that is nationally recognized, through In-Gauge of Polk County.

Undisputed,  there is no better firearms training than official National Rifle Association firearms training.  When you decide you want to carry a deadly weapon in public, capable of taking someone’s life either intentionally or unintentionally, you also decide what kind of training you want to have.  Your decision should be official National Rifle Association firearms training.

Through In-Gauge of Polk County all official NRA firearm training classes include official NRA student packets, text books and nationally recognized certificates of training.

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