We prepare for the “active shooter” incident.

This is not ALICE training. This is not a lecture that instructs you to run, hide and throw books at an armed assailant.

Our “Active Shooter Training” trains the participant in the use of a firearm for the defense of self, the workplace, home, family, church or worship center, while incorporating the principals of situational awareness and mental preparedness.

Our “Active Shooter Training” is not a program put together by a group of retired military or law enforcement personnel sitting around a table in a conference room. Rather, our “Active Shooter Training” is a standardized training program developed by the National Rifle Association and provides a nationally recognized certificate of training upon successful completion.

Our “Active Shooter Training” meets and far exceeds the State of Florida’s training requirement for applying for a concealed carry weapons license. For the individual who has not yet applied for or does not possess a concealed carry license, with the successful completion of our “Active Shooter Training”, no other training is required for applying for a State of Florida concealed carry weapons license.

Brief Program Description:

There are no prerequisites for this training. Our “Active Shooter Training” is all encompassing, appropriate for both the beginning and experienced shooter. No credit is given for prior experience, certifications or licensure. All participants must complete the entire program for certification.

15 hours in duration

  • Phase One: 5 hours
    • Classroom: 4 hours
      • Firearm use, handling and safety
      • Concealed carry principles
      • The defensive handgun
      • Defensive handgun ammunition
      • Loading and reloading
      • Care and maintenance
    • Live-fire range training: 1 hour
      • Static live-fire (50 rounds fired on the range)
    • Phase Two: 10 hours
      • Classroom: 5 hours
        • Mental preparedness
        • Situational awareness
        • The defensive handgun
        • Defensive ammunition
        • Holster considerations and selection
      • Live-fire range training: 5 hours
        • Active tactical live-fire training (250 rounds fired on the range)
        • Encountering single and multiple assailants
        • Utilizing cover and concealment
        • Loading, moving shooting, reloading, moving utilizing cover and concealment
        • Clearing malfunctions and re-engaging the assailant
        • The use of a concealment garment

Private group classes can be scheduled with special group pricing available.

Phase One and Phase Two can be completed at the participant’s convenience with individual scheduling. Both Phase One and Phase Two classroom sessions must be completed as one complete session. Although the live-fire range training can be accomplished and completed separately from the classroom sessions, the live-fire, range training must be completed in one day, Phase One (1 hour) and Phase Two (5 hours) respectively.

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