Debunking the FINGERPRINTING myth . . .

Recently we have received a lot inquiries and comments regarding fingerprinting being offered as part of taking a conceal carry weapons class.

The State of Florida’s regulations regarding the submission of fingerprints, as part of the concealed carry license application process, is very straight forward. The problem is, there are people conducting concealed carry weapons classes that are advertising free fingerprinting as part of the class registration. Let the buyer beware! It is no more than a ploy to sign you up for one of their classes.

If you are making you training decision on whether or not the person, group or agency provides fingerprinting as part of the class, they you deserve what you get. Not all firearms training is alike and most certainty, not all concealed carry training classes are alike. Do your homework before committing to taking a “concealed carry” class.

For clarification and a clear understanding of the State of Florida, Department of Agriculture, Division of Licensing’s requirement for submitting fingerprints, when applying for a Florida concealed carry license, please see the information below or go to the Department of Agriculture’s website at:

Florida law requires applicants for the concealed weapon license to have their fingerprints taken at a law enforcement agency.

The State of Florida concealed carry weapons license application and renewal fee schedule:



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