Our Facility – Classroom

Our classroom and facility

Why do we show you our classroom and facility?  Because we are proud to be a 100% training organization.   NRA firearms training is all we do.  Ours is a dedicated learning center and classroom.

Unlike gun shop and gun show classes, or those conducted at a rented hotel, our classroom is spacious, complete with audio/visual equipment, charts, posters and hands-on learning materials.  Our classes are not taught in a gun shop lobby, employee break room or a made-over storage room.

We train only with real firearms.  We do not use plastic props or toy guns.  Also, all of our classes are small to allow for personal, interactive training.  When you complete one of our concealed carry or firearm training classes you will know everyone else in the class first name.

If the classroom you sat in looked like the ones below, you did not receive NRA personal, interactive firearms training.  You were lectured to.  Your instructor may have claimed to be an “NRA certified instructor”.   But, he or she did not conduct an official NRA firearms training course.  There is a difference!

Priceless  . . .

The newest guys on the block . . .

More of the same.  At least the other guys have a roof.

Under the old oak tree, in the heat, with the sweat, the bugs and the dirt.