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Active Shooter Defense Training

Our ‘Active Shooter Defense Training‘ is an advanced level tactical training class.

Our ‘Active Shooter Defense Training‘ course is 10 hours in duration (5 hours classroom instruction and 5 hours live-fire range training).

This course exceeds the State of Florida’s training requirements for concealed carry license application. 

This is an advanced level class that requires the completion of our 5-hour basic concealed carry training class or any official NRA pistol training course for participation. The possession of a concealed carry license is NOT a recognized prerequisite.

This course addresses and teaches:

  – Situational awareness

  – Mental preparedness

  – Threat assessment

  – Threat mitigation

  – Legal considerations in the use of lethal force

  – Concealed carry techniques

  – Selection of the proper firearm self-defense

  – Types of concealed carry holsters and selection

  – Ammunition for defensive purposes

  – Drawing from a holster and re-holstering

  – Utilization of cover and concealment

  – Engaging single and multiple assailants

  – Dealing with and correcting firearm malfunctions

This is not a beginner level course.  The participant must have a basic and working knowledge of handguns.

Although the tactical, live-fire range training is aggressive, it is conducted at the participant’s level of ability.

Each participant will be provided with an official NRA student packet and training manual.

An official, nationally recognized NRA certificate of completion is issued upon successful completion that can be used for applying for a Florida concealed carry license.

There is no other training of this caliber taught anywhere locally.

We do not mind if you shop around. Please do. But, keep in mind if you want incomparable handgun training, come back to us. There is no substitute for official NRA firearms training.

The NRA set the standard that others attempt to imitate.

The registration deadline for this course is Friday, Sept. 20th.  The basic prerequisite class can be taken any time prior to the Sept. 20th registration closing date.

To obtain the prerequisite, eligibility training required, by enrolling in any of our basic concealed carry classes, call us or visit our website and register online at:

Then click on “Register For A Class”.

Further information and reservations can be obtained by sending an email to: or by calling: 206-1996.









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Church Guardian Training

Guardian training for faith based organizations.

Beginning January 2018, In-Gauge of Polk County, of Winter Haven, Florida will be initiating its Church Guardian Training art 06b


In-Gauge of Polk County’s Church Guardian Training program is a 15-hour firearm training program for faith based organizations.  The Guardian training specifically focuses on situational awareness, plans of action and the use of a firearm in crowded, close-quarter conditions.

The Guardian training is composed of two distinct classes:

  • Phase One – Basic handgun/concealed carry qualification training (5 hours)
    • Classroom:   4 hours
    • Live-fire range training:   1 hour
  • Phase Two – Advanced concealed carry training  (10 hours)
    • Classroom:   5 hours
    • Live-fire range training:   5 hours 

A nationally recognized, official NRA certificate of training will be issued upon successful completion of the course.   Training exceeds requirements for Florida’s concealed carry weapons license application.

Training will be ongoing throughout the year.  Training can be taken as an individual or a group.  Convenient lodging is available for out-of-town participants.

Pre-registration is required.  Group discounts are available.  Call or email for pricing information.

For complete training information, visit In-Gauge of Polk County’s webpage at:  Church Guardian Training  or send an email inquiry to: 

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd explains the importance of having trained guardians on location when the wolf attacks and before law enforcement arrives  . . . . 

Something to consider . . .

In-Gauge of Polk County is one of a very few entities that provides official NRA firearms training and the only organization in Central Florida that conducts official NRA, advanced firearms training.

If you or any member of your congregation takes firearms training that does not provide an official NRA certificate of training, displaying the official NRA name and emblem, your training will likely not be recognized outside the state of Florida and not be recognized by liability insurance carriers.

Firearms training classes (concealed carry classes) conducted by retired law enforcement officers or instructors claiming to certified NRA instructors that do not issue official NRA certificates of training, are NOT official NRA firearms training classes.

Before enrolling in any concealed carry class or advanced firearms tactical training course, ask if you be receiving an official NRA certificate of training upon completion. Not merely receiving a training certificate designed by the instructor or a letter stating you completed a class.