John Thodos – Candidate for 2019 Election of NRA Board of Directors

If elected, Dr. John Thodos will represent Florida gun owners regarding all 2nd Amendment matters within the National Rifle Association.

Dr. John Thodos, of Naples Florida, candidate for the 2019 election of the National Rifle Association’s board of directors, to address NRA club in Winter Haven, Florida.

Dr. John Thodos

John Thodos, of Naples, is one of two candidates from Florida running for the 2019 National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors and will address In-Gauge of Polk County at its February 12th meeting, in Winter Haven.

This will be Dr. Thodos’ first public appearance prior to the election and the 2019 NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 26th through April 28th.

This is will be a unique opportunity for central Florida NRA members, 2nd Amendment supporters and firearm enthusiasts to meet and hear one of their representatives.

You are encouraged to attend and vote for Dr. John Thodos.

If elected, Dr. John Thodos will represent Florida gun owners regarding all 2nd Amendment matters within the National Rifle Association.

John Thodos and his wife Peggy with Wayne LaPierre

For further information contact:
In-Gauge of Polk County


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Tallahassee – Big Pro Gun Rally

It happened Saturday, July 28th in the courtyard of the Florida Capital.

While patriotic Americans, who support the defense of the 2nd Amendment, gathered in the courtyard of the State Capital, an opposing group, March for Our Lives gathered only blocks away.  Numbers for the two groups were similar.  However there was on striking difference between the two groups.

One group gathered to show support for the 2nd Amendment and every American’s right to self-defense and the other group gathered to gain support for their effort in restricting Floridians’ rights to own the firearm of his or her choice and self-defense.  One group wants to preserve every American’s Constitutional rights and the other group wants to have those rights eliminated. 

One group was entertained by live music, singers and dynamic speakers.  Opening ceremonies included the Pledge of Allegiance the live singing of the National Anthem, by Krystal Walters .   The other group marched in the street, after a closed-door, round-table conference, led in chants by organizers using megaphones.  At their rally site, attendees were entertained by angry speakers shouting political, anti-Constitution rhetoric and anti-gun talking points.

Which group was which, view the photos below and draw your own conclusion.



By far the most powerful and motivating speaker at the rally – Mark Robinson . . . .

Click here to hear Mark’s July 28th Rally speech.



In-Gauge of Polk County is pleased to announce its newest membership program the . . . Guardian Society.


The Guardian Society is a separate and unique level of  In-Gauge of Polk County membership.     Members of the Guardian Society are an elite group of highly trained, Christian, Club members who have completed In-Gauge of Polk County’s GUARDIAN TRAINING.   Members of the Guardian Society have the opportunity to increase and practice their firearm skills through advanced training sessions available only to members of the Society.    Guardian Society members meet regularly for both fellowship and to increase their knowledge and skills in self-defense and protection-of-the-flock tactical training.  For further information see the display below.



Applications for the Guardian Society can be obtained through In-Gauge of Polk County  by sending an email request to







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