No substitute for official NRA firearms training

Official NRA firearms classes are never taught at gun shows and rarely at a gun shop.
Contact us for comprehensive, basic and advanced, NRA concealed carry firearms training in Central Florida. There is no substitute for official NRA firearms training.



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Dorian – Hurricane Evacuation and Guns

What is Florida law regarding transporting your firearms during storm evacuation?

What is Florida law regarding transporting your firearms and carry a concealed weapon during storm evacuation?

Florida law pertaining to firearms and the carrying of a concealed weapon during storm evacuation is addressed in Florida Statute: 790.01 (3)(a). See excerpt below.

The content of this message is for informational purposes only. Nothing contained within is intended to be or should be considered legal advice. For legal advice, consult a licensed Florida attorney.

The message below has been reprinted from an earlier 2015 post.

Hurricane 02

If you were not aware or in doubt, the following Florida law went into effect May 21, 2015 upon signing . . . .

Gov. Scott signs Florida emergency concealed carry bill

5/22/15 | by Chris Eger

It will now be legal for gun owners in the Sunshine State to temporarily carry concealed handguns without a permit during periods when the sun isn’t shining so bright.

Now law is a measure to allow law-abiding citizens without concealed carry licenses to bear arms during declared mandatory evacuations.   A reboot of a failed 2014 bill that was killed in last minute political maneuvering, this session’s effort had an easier go of it after police lobby groups embraced the proposal. It passed the Republican-controlled Senate in an easy 29-10 vote while the House last month approved it by a 86-26 margin.

“As Hurricane Season approaches it’s critical that our rights are protected during natural disasters,” advised Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-Petersburg, in a statement. “With the signing of SB 290, all lawful gun owners will be permitted to carry a concealed weapon if they are complying with a mandatory evacuation during a state of emergency. I’m proud to have sponsored this bipartisan bill ensuring that we have the right to protect our families during these sometimes chaotic times.”

Brandes bill, SB 290, creates an exception to Florida’s prohibition against concealed carry of a weapon without a permit by allowing adults not otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm to temporally do so while evacuating. The law allows for a 48-hour window that this would be allowed after the evacuation has been ordered. However, the governor can authorize an extension as needed.

Such evacuation orders occur frequently in the state, most often associated with hurricane threats. Florida, with hundreds of miles of coastline in the North Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, is prone to severe hurricanes. Since 2000, no less than 63 tropical or subtropical cyclones have affected Florida, more than any other state.

Second Amendment advocates in the state refer to the new law as true common-sense gun legislation.

“This bill is a no-brainer, particularly in Florida with our hurricane exposure,” Marion Hammer, president of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida and past president of the National Rifle Association, told Thursday. “When you’re ordered to evacuate — to take your kids, your dog and valuables and flee — the last thing you should leave behind is your gun.”

People have a responsibility to defend themselves and their family, “so taking firearms with you is not only your right, it is your responsibly,” said Hammer.

The law was effective Thursday at signing while the Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1.

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Weekend of action planned to pressure Walmart to stop selling guns

Purchase something in your local Walmart’s sporting goods department this weekend.

A coalition of unions and organizations are staging rallies nationwide
Weekend of action planned to pressure Walmart to stop selling guns.
Why Walmart is under attack by the anti-gun Left . . . .

The retailer (Walmart) also released for the first time some of the data for its own gun sales: Walmart estimates it has a 2% share of the U.S. firearms market and 20% of ammunition sales.

Counter the Left’s protest against Walmart by making a purchase in the sporting goods department of your local Walmart this weekend.

If you shoot, hunt or go to the range, there is always something you can use.

Dr. John Thodos Appointed To NRA Board of Directors

Dr. John Thodos

John Thodos, of Naples, Florida has been appointed to the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Thodos will serve a one-year term ending April 17, 2020. Dr. Thodos plans to run for election to the seat he now occupies on the Board, in a 2020 campaign.

Dr. John Thodos is a Florida resident and NRA Board member that is sensitive to shooting sports issues in Florida. Dr. Thodos is receptive to the concerns of Florida NRA members and welcomes emails from Florida firearm owners.

Dr. Thodos was first introduced to members of Florida’s NRA community by In-Gauge of Polk County in February of 2019, at its monthly meeting.

In Support of The 2nd Amendment

Support Walmart and the 2nd Amendment – This weekend

Do something simple. Do something easy. Do something that provides immediate gratification.

Purchase something in the sporting goods department at your local Walmart Saturday, August 10th

The anti-2nd Amendment group March For Our Lives will be conducting a demonstration at the Coral Springs, Florida Walmart Saturday, August 10th, protesting Walmart’s sale of guns and ammunition.

You are not being asked to gather in counter protest. You are not being asked to march in the streets. You are not being asked to hold signs. You are not being asked to make phone calls or send letters.

You are simply being asked to make some sort of purchase in your local Walmart’s sporting goods department this weekend. Preferably Saturday, August 10th. If not Saturday, do it Sunday. But, make your purchase this weekend.

No matter where you live in the United States, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, this Saturday and Sunday go to YOUR local Walmart and simply buy a box of ammunition or some other firearm related merchandise.

Purchase that gun you were putting off buying. Purchase that gun for your nephew, grandson, husband or wife. Christmas is only 4 months away.

Even if it is a bit inconvenient, make that purchase this weekend! Let Walmart know we support them and the 2nd Amendment. Demonstrate with your wallet and your $$$$.

Show the anti-gun Left and the news media we are 2nd Amendment strong!

Support Walmart and the 2nd Amendment – This weekend









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Friends of NRA Dinner & Auction

Family Friendly Event
Proceeds go to fun youth shooting sports programs.

In-Gauge of Polk County is once again working in cooperation with the Central Florida Ridge Friends of NRA in putting on its 23 Annual Dinner & Auction . . . .

Dinner_Ticket_pg2.B  2018 DinnerTicket

This year’s event will take place Saturday, March 3rd at the Lake Eva Banquet Hall, Haines City, Florida, doors open at 6:00 PMAdvanced ticket sales only.  No tickets will be sold at the doorTicket price:  $65   Admission includes catered, premium, steak dinner, participation in all games and auction.

This is a family friendly event where kid are welcome and those under 12 eat for FREE.  Free kid games will be available.

To obtain tickets, become a sponsor or further information contact . . . 


All proceeds go to fund youth shooting sports programs, i.e., Boy Scouts of America, 4-H Clubs, Future Farms of America, Junior ROTC shooting programs.

Our youth is the future of America.




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Gun Shows – Florida


Gun Show 12_NO

Official NRA firearm training classes are NEVER conducted at gun shows.
All official NRA firearm training classes exceed the State of Florida’s
training requirement of concealed carry license application.

Those who conduct gun show concealed carry classes do not like us telling you this, but they cannot dispute it.   They want you to believe that just because they are a NRA certified instructor they are conducting an official NRA firearm training class.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

Save time and money taking a gun show concealed carry class.   NOT!

You may think that you are going to save time and money taking a gun show concealed carry weapons class.  Think again.   Add up the costs and do the math:  

  • Parking  . . . . . . . . . .     $10
  • Show admission . . . .   $12
  • Class fee   . . . . . . . . . .   $45
  • Classroom  . . . . . . . . .   90 minutes
  • Travel time to range and set up  . . . .    45 minutes
  • Orientation and live-fire  . . . .   30 minutes
  • Return to gun show . . . .   30 minutes

    Total cost . . . .   $ 67       Time spent . . . . .  3 1/4 hours


Gun_Show_special 02B

After taking a gun show concealed carry weapons class and you are left asking yourself:  “Is this all there is?”bring a copy of your training certificate to us for OFFICIAL NRA firearms training for only $30.   (Regular class cost:  $65)

Certificates must be dated between January 1, 2018 and January 1, 2019.

You can save money by just taking our OFFICIAL NRA firearms training and not wasting your valuable time in a minimum required training, “git-r-done-quick” gun show class.
In our concealed carry class, you will fire a minimum of 50 rounds of defensive caliber ammunition on a live-fire range.

In-Gauge of Polk County, Winter Haven, Florida
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