Be Prepared Before Unrest Comes To Your Community – Remember the summer of 2020?

When evil enters your world, it is too late to get prepared. You must be prepared.

You do the math. You can try to teach yourself or have your brother in-law teach you. For what you will spend on 2 boxes of ammunition and the cost of range time, we can train you the correct way to use your gun and put your shots on target in one 5-hour training session.

Take it from us, it is cheaper and less painful to take a class with us. That way you will still be on speaking terms with your brother in-law at Thanksgiving dinner.

We conduct training for all skill levels. We offer training for:

  • Personal defense
  • Home defense
  • Concealed carry licensing
  • Church and synagogue safety team training

Contact us by phone, email or through our website.

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