Concealed Carry Class – Winter Haven

Not all concealed carry classes are alike. We prepare you to defend your life and the lives of your loved ones.

2 Classes Available Saturday, July 24th 9:00 AM and again at 2:00 PM


We will be offering one FREE chance to win an official, 1 ounce, .999 silver, Sept. 11th  20th anniversary commemorative coin, in every class.   Each paid student will receive one FREE chance to win.

Click on the button below to register for the class of your choice.

Concealed Carry Weapons Class  CCW-100

Duration: 3 hours

Cost:  $35 – ( Regular price: $50 )

Pricing is good for July 24th classes only.

All equipment and materials provided.

There are no hidden fees. All equipment and course materials, including firearm and ammunition, are provided.

Unlike a concealed carry class conducted at a hotel, you will fire a real handgun under the instruction of an NRA certified, advanced pistol instructor.

This is the only class you will need to apply for your Florida concealed carry license and it meets the State of Florida’s training requirements for applying for a concealed carry weapons license.

– This is NOT a ‘Hotel’ conducted concealed carry class. Nothing is abbreviated or cut from the class. You will fire a ‘real’ defensive caliber handgun as part if this class.

–  Convenient online registration and payment.

– All equipment and supplies provided

–  You only need to show up the day of class.

Topics covered:

• Florida law pertaining to carrying a concealed carry weapon

• Gun safety and the fundamentals of handgun shooting

• Self-defense strategies

• What guns to purchase for concealed carry and self-defense

• Applying for and maintaining your Florida concealed carry license

• Live-fire proficiency evaluation – You will be required to fire a real defensive caliber pistol, demonstrating proficiency with a handgun.

This is our most basic concealed carry class. The class includes all the subject material and training required for applying for a State of Florida concealed carry license and includes live-fire, firearm proficiency evaluation.

* Please allow an additional 15-20 minutes for live-fire, firearm proficiency evaluation.

Note:  This is not a firearms training course.

For pistol/handgun training, we recommend our Concealed Carry Training Class – CCW 101 (5 hours), our NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting (12 hours) or our advanced concealed carry class the NRA Defensive Pistol Course (10 hours). These courses exceed the State of Florida’s training requirement for applying for a Florida concealed carry license.














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