Leon County Tax Collector Refuses To Process Concealed Carry Licenses When Reopening Office


On May 13, 2020, Leon County Tax Collector, Doris Maloy, sent out an email blast to a group of government officials informing them that she would be re-opening her offices on June 1st, but was refusing to process “concealed weapon original applications.

The following letter was sent out this morning to Tax Collector Maloy and Leon County Administrator Vince Long. This gives Ms. Maloy the opportunity to do the right thing and reverse her decision to refuse to process CW Licenses when her office re-opens on June 1, 2020.

Doris Maloy, Leon County Tax Collector: maloyd@leoncountyfl.gov
Vincent S. Long, Leon County Administrator: longv@leoncountyfl.gov

Letter from Marion Hammer to Leon County Tax Collector regarding Ms Maloy’s decision not to process concealed carry licenses . . . .

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