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September 17th ‘Destroy Your Levis Day’

Make September 17th  ‘Destroy Your Levis Day


Levi Strauss Launches Million Dollar Gun Control Campaign  
4 Sep 2018

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Levi Strauss is launching a million dollar gun control campaign which includes partnering with Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety to represent pro-gun control business leaders.

Levi Strauss president and CEO Chip Bergh announced the gun control initiative via a Fortune column, in which he assured readers he is not trying “to repeal the Second Amendment.” Rather, he wants to join efforts to pressure Congress into outlawing private gun sales, i.e., sales between a neighbor and a neighbor, a father and a son, a lifelong friend and a lifelong friend, etc. In other words, Bergh wants to outlaw the very kind of gun sales Americans have enjoyed since 1791, when the Second Amendment was ratified.

Ironically, banning such sales would not have stopped a single mass shooting that occurred in the U.S. during the past 18 years, as almost every mass public attacker during those years acquired his or her guns via the very background checks Bergh wants to implement. Those who did not pass such checks simply stole their guns or otherwise accessed guns belonging to someone else.

Nevertheless, Bergh is directing Levi Strauss funding to gun control initiatives.

Levi Strauss wants this . . . 

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Let’s give them this . .  .


Make September 17th ‘Destroy Your Levis Day’.

Post your method of Levi jeans destruction of Facebook or YouTube and take this movement viral.  Let Levi Strauss know how you feel about the 2nd Amendment.

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