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The National Rifle Association Training Department re-launches its basic pistol shooting course under a new title:  “Basics of Pistol Shooting – ILT”.


In February of 2016 the NRA Training Department announced the discontinuation of its traditional, instructor led, classroom presentation of its well known basic pistol shooting course and replaced it with a newer version titled “Basics of Pistol Shooting – Blended Learning”.  And, established a deadline for discontinuation.

I will neither attempt to explain how the Basics of Pistol Shooting – Blended Learning works or the pros and cons of it.  Rather, I will leave it up to you to pursue the matter if you wish to learn more.  Just click on the links provided above to pursue your interest.

That is not to say that Basics of Pistol Shooting – Blended Learning does not still exist.  Rather, it is now an optional method of learning.

Where to from here?

As of today, April 4, 2017 NRA, certified, pistol instructors are authorized to once again conduct interactive, classroom instruction, in conjunction with live-fire range training.

What does that mean for the perspective student?

The course:  Basics of Pistol Shooting – ILT

  • Is 8 hours in duration
  • Consists of both interactive hands-on classroom instruction and live-fire range training
  • Familiarization with both the revolver and semi-automatic pistol
  • Introduction to the various types of ammunition and its uses
  • Introduction to range safety procedures
  • Introduction to proper safe handgun handling, storage and use
  • Introduction to proper handgun cleaning and maintenance
  • Instruction in the fundamentals of shooting
  • Instruction in proper shooting techniques
  • Evaluation of shooting skills and techniques
  • Evaluation of the participants retention of presented course material

The participant will receive an official NRA student packet and Basics of Pistol Shooting hardcover book.

Basics of Pistol Shooting Book

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be provided with a nationally recognized National Rifle Association certificate of training.  * The certificate of training exceeds the State of Florida’s training requirement for its concealed weapon permit application process. 

Class information:  Basics of Pistol Shooting – ILT 

  • The classes are conducted at In-Gauge of Polk County, Winter Haven, Florida.
  • The minimum age for participation is 16 – Accompanied by an adult.
  • The cost is $75Additional charges if a firearm and ammunition must be provided.
  • Participants are encouraged to provide his/her own firearm.

For more information visit our website at:  www.inguageofpolkcounty.com   or to enroll in a class email us at:   info.ingauge@gmail.com



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